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Application Process


Applications must be filled out by the student's parent/legal guardian.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page first, as well as the Application Guidelines below, before completing the application below.

STEP 2: Test

Placement tests will be scheduled, with dates and locations, depending on the course.  Enrichment students will be notified by the Valdés Math office within 7 business days once they have submitted their application and paid the required Testing Fee.  Please note that students applying for Basic classes offered through our partner school districts will be notified through their schools.

After students complete the test, they will be notified via email about their specific math-level placement.

STEP 3: Pay 

Payment of any required fees must be made before a student is considered a student of our Summer Institute. Online payments are required and can be made via our website.

The Enrichment Testing Fee of $100 is refundable if space is not available or if the course is canceled due to low enrollment.  Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may request financial assistance from the Jose Valdes Math Foundation Board if the testing or tuition fee is a hardship.  All parents will receive information regarding the financial-aid application process. 

MAKE PAYMENT: Payments for the testing fee may be made through our 'Payments' page

STEP 4: Acceptance

You are considered "Accepted" for the Summer Institute if you:

  1. Submitted an online application.
  2. Your child has taken the placement test.
  3. Received notification from us that your child has been placed into one of our classes
  4. Have paid the remaining $1,100 Tuition Fee.  Payments may be made through our 'Payments' page.


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